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Origen: MAGI

Thu, 22.02.2018 - Sat, 03.03.2018
Theatre tower Julierpass
Edzard Schapers legend of a fourth king has inspired the Japanese choreographer Yuka Oishi in the creation of MAGI. Dancers of the Hamburg Ballet and acrobats from Japan perform the piece.

A Russian legend knows of a fourth king, who sets forth to pay homage to the newborn King?s son. He does not find the stable. His journey is full of hurdles. He distributes his offerings to the hungry and homeless, spends years on a galley to safe a family. Finally, thirty years later with empty hands, he reaches the Holy Land and witnesses the death of the Messiah. ? Edzard Schapers legend has inspired the Japanese choreographer Yuka Oishis in the cration of MAGI. Her ensemble consists of soloists from the Hamburg Ballet and the Blue Tokyo Acrobats from Japan. The premiere is danced by Yaiza Coll, Marc Jubete, Kyohei Oshita, Katsuyuki Kasuga and Yuta Takahashi.

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