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Origen: Commedia - Maestro e Margherita

Fri, 06.07.2018 - Fri, 27.07.2018
The humorous Commedia of the Grisons cultural festival Origen performs the famous russian novel The Master and Margarita by Michail Bulgakov. On the 17th of August the Commedia will stop by at Chesa Planta in Samedan.

The plot plays in the Stalinist Russia and tells about life in Moscow at this time - full of satire, peppered with ironic hints to the Soviets´ bureaucracy and the surveillance society. Director Fabrizio Pestilli retells the black Comedy as a "play about art and love, light and shadow. A firework of burlesque performances, sometimes hilarious, sometimes highly sensitive. Three actors and one musician play a whole range of different roles. A comedy that tells big stories created out of simple instruments. An enormous grotesque that makes us laugh - where we actually should cry."

In case of bad weather the Commedia will perform at the community hall.

Actors: David Labanca, Heike Möhlen
Director: Fabrizio Pestilli
Music: Antonio Ghezzani

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