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Baths, Peeling & Wraps

Kronenhof Hydrojet Massage Bath

Enjoy an extraordinary underwater massage in one of our hydrojet tubs that caress you with around 300 powerful jet sprays. The underwater massage regenerates and relaxes the muscles, relieves tension and is appropriate as a preparation before a massage.

  Duration Price
Detox Bath
As Alpine wild herb bath, sore muscle bath, cellulite bath or peat mus bath.
20 min. CHF 65
Relaxing Bath for two
Enjoy the pleasure of a bath for two.
20 min. CHF 105

Body Scrubs

Give your skin a lift.

  Duration Price
Alpienne Honey Scrub with Mountain Crystals
This refreshing honey scrub stimulates your circulation and metabolism. Its rich ingredients leave your skin silky-smooth.
30 min. CHF 95

Body Wraps

Relax on one of our 37°C water recliners and let your skin and muscles relax and be pampered. Hydrotherapy as aftercare.

  Duration Price
Regeneration & Better Aging
This special mixture of treatment products increases circulation and encourages cell regeneration, smoothens the skin and works to help restore hormonal balance.
25 min. CHF 80
This rich body wrap detoxifies and drains excess water. It strengthens body tissue and activates fat burning.
30 min. CHF 80
Peat Mud
Mineral-rich peat mud is an intensive treatment to detox and purify skin and body. Ideal for rheumatic complaints, skin allergies and skin disorders.
25 min. CHF 80
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