Best Signature Treatment

haki® Method

The multiple award-winning haki method, which has been selected as ‘Best Signature Treatments‘ at the European Health & Spa Awards 2015, is winning over wellness enthusiasts worldwide with its tailor-made, innovative concept. It combines physical as well as mental relaxation in a comprehensive whole body therapeutic approach to bring the body renewed energy and peace of mind.

haki® Methode

haki® Sacral

haki Sacral aims to relieve tensions in the back between the lower back and buttocks by applying gentle pressure, stretching and vibration motions. The muscles relax and the body‘s powers of self-healing are activated.
25 min.
CHF 80
haki® Sacral Deluxe

Beginning at the neck, leading along the back and ending at the loin special touch techniques ease tensions and discharge them with targeted pressure through rhythm and vibration. The herbs of yarrow, sage and lady‘s mantle contribute to the treatment‘s efficiency.
40 min.
CHF 125
haki® Stretch & Relax

Well-being starts at the head. haki Stretch & Relax focuses on the shoulder, neck and head areas. A vibrating effect is achieved using specific pulling, pressure and stretching motions.
50 min.
CHF 160
haki® Purna

haki Purna is a full-body treatment in which haki grips are administered from the soles of the feet to the head, to restore the body‘s balance. This is the ideal stretching and activating massage for people who suffer from tense or shortened muscles due to extensive sporting or professional challenges.
1 h 20 min.
CHF 210
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