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Free morning concerts - «Music Mondaine»

Sun, 23.06.2024 - Sun, 15.09.2024
Vic's Bar, Hotel Reine Victoria
Free morning concerts with entertaining classical music from Wednesday to Sunday, 11 to 12 am in “Vic’sBar” in the Reine Victoria Hotel

Start your free day with music! For 100 years there has been a wonderful tradition in St. Moritz with these so called “spa- concerts”. And as the name intends: it is a soothing cure for your soul! Different musical ensembles from Switzerland pamper your ears with classical entertaining music from 1900 to the roaring twenties, french chansons, songs from operettas and good old swing melodies or even some swiss folk tunes.

On three evenings you could join us on special occasions, so called “outbreaks” from the daily concerts: On July 20th at 5 pm you can dive into the world of the glimmering world of operettas in “three times 20 minutes”, on August 4th at 5 pm we will meet you in the woods near “Eglise au bois”, where you can attend a very special version of Wagner’s opera “Walküre” (german: “Wald (woods) – Küre”!) and last but not least: on July 27th at 5 pm there will be a concert for our youngest guests, where they will hear, how musical birds and even wolves sing….

On June 23th 5 pm the three new curators of this concert series will introduce themselves in a opening concert event.

The new concert series Kurkonzerte- Music Mondaine opens on 23. June at 5.00 pm. The three curators themselves, Andre Joho, Raimund Wiederkehr and Samuel Zünd, all based in Switzerland, play in a musically sophisticated and cosmopolitan manner.

The three present themselves on the grand piano (alone, in pairs and in threes!) and of course singing with a lot of humour, charm and playfulness. Look forward to a light-hearted musical kick-off event with chansons and light classical music.

Vic`s Bar
Via Rosatsch 18
CH-7500 St. Moritz
+41 81 553 90 00