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Nietzsche Colloquium

Thu, 26.09.2019 - Sun, 29.09.2019
Friedrich Nietzsche as poet. The talks, workshops, discussions and various artistic contributions are aimed not only at specialists, but at any members of the public with an interesting literature and philosophy.

Beyond the often generalising attributions of Nietzsche to an antidemocratic tradition, the discussions at the Colloquium attempt to place the radical philosopher within the political manner of thinking from different perspectives. In addition to lectures by internationally renowned Nietzsche researchers, reading groups will once again be held. New this year is a Forum of Young Nietzsche Researchers, featuring keynote speeches by promising young scientists. The Colloquium is open to the public, and is not just aimed at experts, but also generally at anyone who is interested in Nietzsche. The lectures can be attended individually.