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Chestnut festival in Bregagliavalley 2020

Sat, 26.09.2020 - Sat, 24.10.2020
Various locations throughout the Bergell Valley
In Val Bregaglia, just before the chestnut harvest, there is an annual festival dedicated to the autumn fruit: culinary experiences, excursions, meetings and celebrations.

In the southwest of Val Bregaglia, between the villages of Soglio, Bondo and Castasegna, you can find the largest chestnut groves in Europe. Their fruit, the sweet chestnut, has long played an important role as a crisis-proof food in our southern valley of the Swiss Alps. October marks the beginning of the harvest season, which has always been celebrated by the farmers with a good drink of wine and chestnuts roasted on the fire.

The Chestnut Festival continues in this tradition and aims to bring this precious food back to our guests.

Here are some special highlights from the programme:

2.10. & 9.10.2020 Count Charles de Salis leads through his palace in Bondo

4.10. & 18.10.2020, "Caminä e mangä" - a walk in seven courses through the chestnut forest

9 & 10.10.2020, cooking laboratory, foodstyling and photography with the Zurich food blogger Nicci Giger / mags Frisch

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