Top Event Engadin

52. Coppa Romana

Sun, 10.01.2021 - Wed, 13.01.2021
Time to take to the ice at the Mulets ice rink in Silvaplana for the Coppa Romana, the largest open-air curling tournament in the Alps. In all, 76 teams fielding 150 players compete for the Coppa Romana Trophy on 19 curling rinks.

1969 was one of the most significant years in the history of mankind. Neil Armstrong was the first person to set foot on the moon - and four curling enthusiasts from Silvaplana founded the Coppa Romana. "Hang on," you might say, "what does Silvaplana have to do with Rome?" Well, one of the founders was working at the time in the eternal city, and for the first edition of what is now the world´s largest open-air curling tournament, the big prize was a trip to Rome including flights. To this day, the winners travel to distant lands, but before one is crowned, more than 70 teams travel to the Engadin to prove their skills on the ice.

Innovative tactics, skill and prudence, along with a huge dose of enthusiasm, have long made for loyal teams, close friendships and amusing episodes in this wonderful winter sport. Expect games that are as entertaining as they are skilful, along with a fantastic atmosphere.

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