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International St. Moritz Automobile Weeks

Fri, 02.09.2022 - Sun, 11.09.2022
From 2 to 11 September 2022, the "International St. Moritz Automobile Week" event will pick up where the historic St. Moritz Automobile Weeks of 1929 and 1930 left off.

On the initiative of some Engadine tourism pioneers, the first "International Automobile Week St. Moritz" takes place in 1929. The automobile week consisted of a rally, the kilometer race, a skill race, a beauty contest and finally the Bernina race. The new edition of the "International St. Moritz Automobile Week" will also be heralded with a sprint race, the "Kilomètre Lancé - Alpine 1000". The historic beauty contest will now be held under the name "Motorsport Rendezvous" and resembles a relaxed car garden party. New from 2022 are two rallies, the "Targa Posciavo-Engiadina" and the "Super Stick Shift", as well as the "Mobility Forum St. Moritz". The new International St. Moritz Automobile Week will also be crowned this year with the Bernina mountain race, the Bernina Gran Turismo.

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