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41st Nietzsche Colloquium

Thu, 29.09.2022 - Sun, 02.10.2022
The colloquium is open to the public and therefore everyone interested is welcome.

"Human, Allzumenschliches. A book for free spirits" is the focus of the 41st Nietzsche Colloquium. The colloquium is dedicated to this work of Nietzsche, the title of which has long since become a winged word. In a total of about 1400 aphorisms, Nietzsche develops a wide-ranging panorama of his new, "enlightenment" thinking, which wants to oppose modern natural science to traditional philosophy, religion and morality. The colloquium will approach this problem in lectures, discussions and reading groups. And how does Nietzsche say? "One criticizes a person, a book, most sharply when one draws out the ideal of the same." 

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