«visualise your success»

oneday mental coaching

Pure air, invigorating sunshine and a clarifying atmosphere can help to tackle life's challenges. Thomas Theurillat and new recruit Stephanie Müller, both successful psychologists and mind trainers, combine empathy and an open manner in a coaching programme specially designed for the Kronenhof that leads to greater success and satisfaction, using the latest scientific techniques while focusing on the interests and passions of their clients.


«In our performance-oriented society everyone is looking to make the most of their life, turning it into a personal work of art. Just being content is usually not enough anymore.»


 In order to cater as precisely as possible to your individual requirements, we offer 3 different intensity levels of the coaching sessions:


  • Get started with a Clarity Chat, a one-hour conversation over a cup of tea or out in the nature. Get to know the coach, develop a feeling for his methodology and lay the foundation for the shared coaching process.

  CHF 179 per person


  •  During the Solution Walk, the mental coach puts YOU in the focus for half a day: problems are addressed and goals set. Following a clear, solution-oriented approach, you will find quick ways and possibilities to make your success tangible.

  CHF 850 per person


  • The Crown Day tops off the coaching: with a particularly individual and profound analysis, surpass yourself and experience the result as a relevant change in life - for a whole day, the coach intensely advises the participant, ideally within the liberating Engadine nature - get a fresh perspective and start over. Individually bookable, upon request and subject to availability.

  CHF 1680 per person



Thomas Theurillat

10.-13.12.2020, 02.-05.01.2021, 11.-14.03.2021

Stephanie Müller

27.-28.02.2021, 18.-21.03.2021, 02.-05.04.2021


For further information, please contact us via reservations@kronenhof.com 

or T +41 81 830 30 30.