Grand Hotel Kronenhof

Recent Awards

Grand Hotel Kronenhof is one of the highest rated hotels in the Swiss Alps and worldwide. We are proud to have received so many exceptional awards and would like to thank our guests for their support and consideration.

HolidayCheck Award 2020: 6 out of 6 rating points The Grand Hotel Kronenhof Pontresina is excellent! We are very happy, because we were rewarded with 6 out of 6 rating points on HolidayCheck and is therefore one of the very well rated hotels on HolidayCheck. A big thank you to all our guests!
Trust you Award of Excellence 2019 TrustYou is the largest feedback platform in the world, collecting and analysing over 3 million guest reviews, questionnaires, and social media posts across the web each week. In 2019, TrustYou awarded us 95 points.
Bilanz: The 50 best holiday hotels in Switzerland 2019 In the 23th hotel rating on the swiss business magazine Bilanz, the Grand Hotel Kronenhof achieves a top ten ranking of the best holiday hotels in Switzerland. We are thrilled and the Grand Hotel Kronenhof celebrates this great success!
TripAdvisor's Certificate of Excellence 2019 The Grand Hotel Kronenhof has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence 2019. This award is based on the consistently great reviews that the Kronenhof has received on the world's largest travel website.
TripAdvisor Traveller's Choice Award 2019 "Grand Hotel Kronenhof is just as impressive as the surrounding mountains!". We are very proud to be listed among the top 25 hotels in TripAdvisor Traveller's Choice Awards in the luxury hotel and top hotel categories. 
Bilanz: Housekeeper of the Year 2018 Our Executive Housekeeping Manager, Mr. André Soares, was voted housekeeper of the year by the renowned business magazine Bilanz. Guest Review Awards 2018 We are very proud to announce that we were awarded 9.4/10 points by
Prix Bienvenu 2018: Category Luxury hotels: place 8 Place eight among the best luxury hotels in Switzerland in the Prix Bienvenu 2018 ratings - hotels were evaluated based on factors such as service quality, hospitality and general competence by both a jury and the guests directly.
Trivago: best 5-star hotel in Switzerland 2018: first place We were high-flyers among Trivago's hotel awards as well: we were awarded with a great first place in the 5-star hotel category by this huge online hotel search platform.
Sonntagszeitung hotel ranking 2018: Top 20 Under the leadership of Karl Wild, the highly acclaimed hotel rating of the Sonntagszeitung has once again recognised Grand Hotel Kronenhof as one of the top 20 luxury hotels in Switzerland.
Tripadvisor Traveller's choice Awards: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 Once again, we received a prestigious award from TripAdvisor. We came in a spectacular second place in the category luxury Hotels in Switzerland! Furthermore, we were ranked 14th in the top hotels of Switzerland category and 8th in the top service category. Having received a TripAdvisor award for 5 years in a row, we are awarded a place in the Hall of Fame, including a Certificate of Excellence. In 2014, Grand Hotel Kronenhof was crowned TripAdvisor's best luxury hotel in the world.
World Luxury Spa Awards 2017: first place In 2017, the house was honoured the title of best spa resort in the country as part of the World Luxury Spa Awards.
NZZ Swiss hotel ratings 2017: second place The Grand Hotel Kronenhof made it to second place in the Swiss Hotel Ratings of NZZ on Sunday among the 5 most beautiful holiday hotels.
Bilanz (Swiss Business Magazine): Spa Manager of the year 2016 The Swiss business magazine Bilanz has named Nadine Böning Soares Spa Manager of the year 2016. In the same ranking, Grand Hotel Kronenhof was additionally rated among the top 15 of Switzerland's 50 best holiday hotels.
HolidayCheckAward 2015: first place With the absolute top ranking in three classes, in 2015 HolidayCheck has awarded Grand Hotel Kronenhof as the most popular hotel in the categories of wellness, active holidays and luxury travel.