Create your own bath salt or scrub

The crisp mountain air always filled my lungs with a sense of exhilaration. As a child I would breathe in the vibrant spirit of the valley, letting it propel me through meadows bursting with life. My grandmother would patiently point out each bloom, their names rolling off her tongue like ancient secrets. Arnica, with its vibrant yellow petals, soothed the scrapes from my endless climbing. Calendula could be infused in oil to ease my sunburns. Each flower held a story.

In many ways those meadows became my second classroom. Delicate edelweiss, a symbol of Alpine purity, held potent anti-inflammatory properties. Lavender calmed the mind and soothed the soul. The scents of those meadows are etched in my memory. The earthy musk of sphagnum moss, the sharp tang of wild thyme, and the sweet, heady perfume of alpine roses. Each herb became an ingredient in my family’s concoctions - teas to soothe upset tummies, salves for cuts and bruises, and aromatic infusions for steaming baths. Every ingredient was a reminder of the magic that grows right here, in our backyard. 

Now, at the Grand Hotel Kronenhof, I get to share this magic with our guests. We start by stepping outside, into our very own botanical haven. I share the secrets given to me by my grandmother - the spiky lavender, the cheerful calendula, the golden arnica. We harvest a selection, each herb chosen for its specific properties. Back in the treatment room we work together, crushing fragrant petals and leaves, their essence released into the air. Soon, you will have your very own creation - a bath salt infused with calming botanicals, or a body scrub blended with herbs to soothe tired muscles and nourish the skin.

As you leave you’ll carry a little piece of the Engadin magic with you. It's a reminder of the healing power of nature, a tradition passed down through generations; from the meadows to the spa, and now, into your hands.

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