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Kronenhof Spa

Dive in and relax

The Kronenhof Spa provides a new dimension in relaxation and wellness. Restorative and invigorating while cleansing and uplifting at the same time. Experience a new you.

The imposing swimming pool.
The imposing swimming pool.

Swimming Pool

Our large pool invites you to unwind through exercise. Swim towards the mountains and switch off to enjoy our underwater music.

Children’s Pool

The water world with water slide and water games is what kids’ dreams are made of.

Experience Bath

Experience the soothing power of water. Jacuzzi, waterfall and waterjets relax tired muscles after intensive exercise or a hard working day.

Men’s and Women’s Finnish Sauna

Our distinctive Grisons-style saunas have an air temperature of 80° – 90°C to detoxify and cleanse the body.

Women’s Bio Sauna

With an air temperature of 55°C, higher humidity and essential oils, this sauna is a place in which both body and soul can unwind.

Stone Grotto Steam Bath

In a unique stone grotto with an air temperature of 45° and 100% humidity, the airways are delicately freed and circulation increased.

Saltwater Grotto

The saltwater steam with an air temperature of 45°C - 55°C clears 
the respiratory tract, increases circulation and extracts impurities.

Relax Floating Bath

This unique relaxation experience is a new addition. In water perfectly heated to 34°C, relax with underwater music and wave projections.

Kneipp Footpath

Cold and warm water improve the circulation of heavy and tired legs.

Relaxation Room with Fireplace

The log fire crackles cosily in the relaxation room.

Grand Hotel Kronenhof - 7504 Pontresina - St. Moritz, Switzerland
Phone +41 81 830 30 30 | Fax +41 81 830 30 31 | info@kronenhof.com

Summer: 18.06.14 – 20.10.14 I Winter 05.12.2014 - 05.04.2015