A Grand Hotel, rich in traditions

The Grand Hotel Kronenhof has a history of 165 years in hospitality. Originally built as a Gasthaus Rössli , the hotel has lived through many eventful years and conversions. Since 1898, when the Grand Hotel was given its present name "Kronenhof & Bellavista", the building has been a horseshoe-shaped three-wing structure with a forecourt, and with more than 350 beds.

Veltliner wines helped hotel to survive the war years

The wine shop set up in the cellar for Veltliner wines served as an invaluable store that provided a safe source of income in the crisis years of the First and Second World Wars. The shop allowed the Grand Hotel Kronenhof to survive those years in which very few guests visited the Upper Engadine. The scene soon changed dramatically soon after both wars, however, when the neighbouring St. Moritz played host to the Olympic Winter Games in 1928 and 1948. Thus once again, the Upper Engadine became the setting for an international crowd.

New owner heralds restoration

In 1989, after 140 years of family tradition, the family Gredig sold the Grand Hotel to Swiss private investors. In 2004, the heritage-protected house once again changed hands when AG Grand Hotels Engadinerkulm, the group that also owns the Kronenhof’s sister hotel Kulm Hotel St. Moritz, purchased the Kronenhof. The extensive restoration work and investments since then have allowed the Grand Hotel Kronenhof to live up to the grandeur of its heyday once again.

The Grande Dame had a facelift

As well as restoring rooms and hallways, the upgrade added an underground car park and a large spa. Today, the Grand Hotel Kronenhof is one of the best-preserved grand hotels from the 19th century as well as one of Switzerland’s top luxury and wellness hotels. In 2014, the Kronenhof gained the title "Best Hotel in the World" from the popular travel review site Tripadvisor. 

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