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21st Engadin Womens Race

Sun, 01.03.2020 - Sun, 01.03.2020
Attention, ladies: Those 17 kilometres of cross-country tracks are all yours! Since more than 20 years now the womens race is a big hit with the ambitious, the pleasure-seeking, with BFFs, corporate teams and occasional cross-country skiers.

"As long as a man chases after a woman, he has nothing to fear. The trouble starts once he catches up with her." This witty remark of Hollywood legend Burt Lancaster may apply to many circumstances in life but when it comes to our women?s race men are safe as it?s a one-hundred percent women?s business.

For many of the participants (registration eligible for ladies from year 2005 and older) the women?s race serves as preparation for the Engadin Skimarathon that takes place one week later and covers with its 42 kilometres from Maloja to S-chanf the magnificent Engadin winter wonderland ?from top to toe?.

Those who start with a team of four can tackle the track within the project ?Go 4 Women?s Race?. In the past years participants have teamed up as ?Mascha Rösa? teams that race for a good cause: With their pink clothing the cross-country skiers are advocates for breast cancer patients and call for donations for breast cancer prevention projects as well as for health promotion.

Engadin Skimarathon
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