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Wed, 06.10.2021 - Sat, 09.10.2021
Digitalisation and the new technologies associated with it offer great potential. Understanding them, however, is not that easy. The CfC St. Moritz PUBLIC DAYS provide insights into this world for a broad audience.

We strongly believe that the time has come for the general public to engage with the topic and the industry. Relevant players and companies will be present in St. Moritz to:

  • Communicate the basic knowledge to a broad audience
  • Exchange, discuss and answer questions with the participants
  • Demonstrate possible applications of the new technologies
  • Provide access and insights into an industry that is still unknown to many today
  • To show the current state and developments of the industry

Live stream and on-site participation
Participants have the possibility to take part physically on site at Via Maistra 5, in St. Moritz, or via live stream. Registration is required for participation (virtual or physical).

We believe that physical meetings and face-to-face exchanges are needed now more than ever and are possible under strict hygiene rules and security measures. To ensure that participants can meet and enjoy the event, we have defined and established a security strategy with the health authorities. This takes into account the 3G (Vaccinated/Tested/Cured) concept. Should you physically attend, we ask you to bring proof by means of Covid certificate.

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