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E.A.T. / Engadin Art Talks

Fri, 27.01.2023 - Sun, 29.01.2023
The international forum for art, architecture and innovation takes place annually. The programme gathers influential personalities who deal with questions that determine our present and shape our future.

E.A.T. inspires, innovates, connects, educates, shares & networks around socially relevant themes.


Over 13 years, E.A.T. / Engadin Art Talks have grown to become a highlight in the European cultural landscape.


E.A.T. is a knowledge hub for relevant topics and challenges of our time and enables an in-depth exchange between experts and an interested audience.


E.A.T. facilitates a dialogue between influential thought leaders and culture enthusiasts and continues the history of the Engadine as a place of creative thinking. The platform created by E.A.T. facilitates interdisciplinary exchange and offers unforgettable experiences.


E.A.T. is also organising satellite events in 2023 - in Zurich, London, Paris.

Engadin Art Talks/E.A.T. Office
Turbinenweg 5
CH-8610 Uster
+41 43 960 31 55