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Origen Festival Cultural

Sat, 01.07.2023 - Thu, 31.08.2023
Red Tower - Julier Pass
Origen dedicates the summer to the theme of "space".

The Nova Fundaziun Origen, winner of the Wakker Prize 2018, has dealt intensively with spaces, places and atmospheres in recent years. The festival summer tells the story of dealing with space, with historical monuments, digital architectures, mythical dream castles, virtual realities, musical geometries, large landscape spaces.

FESTIVE START IN Reithalle St. Moritz: "SOLOMON"

Handel´s festive oratorio "Solomon" tells of the legendary builder of the Jerusalem Temple and the splendour of the Queen of Sheba. Origen´s Vocal Ensemble and the baroque orchestra Concerto Stella Matutina, conducted by Clau Scherrer, will perform in the brilliant acoustics of the St. Moritz Reithalle.


Fabrizio Pestilli and his troupe accompany the capable Mr Manichetti on a merry journey that will change his life. Into the labyrinth of alleys!

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