Body Treatments

tightening and reducing

Detox and tighten your skin and reduce body shape through the efficient treatments of Valmont and Pharmos Nature Green Luxury and feel the revitalizing effect on the Softpack.

Body Treatments

Peaks of Slimness by Valmont - firming

A high-performance treatment targeting curves and cellulite. The skin is firmer and more toned, the contours of the figure are redrawn, and the body feels incredibly fresh and light.
1 h
CHF 200
Love your Age by Pharmos - firming

A holistic and effective feel-good treatment including gentle algae peeling, activating massage and firming body wrap. The highlight: Feel the fresh, cooling aloe vera plant leaf on your skin - an absolute moisture booster.
1 h 20 min
CHF 240
Full-body Peeling

The intensive salt peeling removes shed skin, promotes blood circulation and stimulates the metabolism. Essential oils also strengthen the connective tissue and ensure visibly smoother skin.
25 min
CHF 110

Hydrojet Massage Baths

Alpine Hydrojet Massage Bath

With this special form of hydromassage, a precious mixture of soothing herbs and essential oils is added to the bath water. The blood circulation and the lymph flow are stimulated - an optimal preparation for the following treatment. 
20 min
CHF 80
Relaxing Hydrojet Bath For Two

Enjoy a romantic bath for two in the Jacuzzi of our Private Spa Suite.
20 min
CHF 110

Detox Treatments

Detox Bath

The detox bath helps to detoxify and clean the body. At the same time, the wellness effect ensures better sleep and beautiful, firm skin.
25 min
CHF 80
Detox Wrap

The precious black sesame oil, enriched with traditional medicinal plants, activates the lymphatic flow, purifies and tightens the tissue. This treatment is carried out on the 37° soft pack lounger.
30 min
CHF 95
Detox Massage

Using a gentle cupping technique your body is decongested and detoxified. The lymph circulation is improved by up to 300% and blockades and deep muscle tensions are released. Your joints become more flexible - feel the healing effect and new ease.
50 min
CHF 180
1 h 20 min.
CHF 240
chosen treatments

Kronenhof tip: Before your activating body wrap, book a regenerating full-body peeling or a relaxing bath for an optimal effect.