Body Treatments

tightening and reducing

Detox and tighten your skin and reduce body shape through the efficient treatments of Ericson Laboratoire and feel the revitalising effect of their Softpack.

Body Treatments

Osmo Thermy by Ericson - detoxifying

Using precious Guérande salts, this treatment purifies and detoxifies your body through osmotic processes that eliminate water retention. Body scrub and body treatment leave your body cleansed and your skin velvety soft.
1 h
CHF 150
Slim & Lift by Ericson - tightening

Highly efficient treatment to reduce fat deposits in the whole body. Tightens skin, reduces stretch marks, repairs and strengthens capillaries.
1 h 20 min.
CHF 190
Cellu VIB by Ericson - anti-cellulite

Three methods stimulate subcutaneous fat melt-away, elimination of retained fluids and improve the structure of your connective tissue. As a result your skin feels smoother and tighter.
1 h
CHF 160
Love your Age by Pharmos

A holistic and effective feel-good treatment including gentle algae peeling, activating massage and firming body wrap. The highlight: Feel the fresh, cooling aloe vera plant leaf on your skin - an absolute moisture booster.
1 h 20 min.
CHF 220

Body Scrub

Honey Peeling by Alpienne

This refreshing honey scrub with mountain crystals boosts circulation and stimulates your metabolism. Its rich ingredients give a silky-soft feel to your skin.
25 min.
CHF 95
Detox body pack by Pharmos

Detox body pack
25 min.
CHF 85

Hydrojet Massage Baths

Hydrojet Massage Bath

Choose a relaxing, purifying or regenerating bath.
20 min.
CHF 65
Relaxing Bath For Two

Enjoy a romantic bath for two in the Jacuzzi of our Private Spa Suite.
20 min.
CHF 95
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