Facial Treatments

Pharmos Natur Green Luxury, Valmont
& Ericson Laboratoire Paris

Pharmos Natur Green Luxury is your introduction to an exciting world of facial treatments.
Anti-aging using 100% pure Aloe Vera helps your skin store up on freshness and vitality, making your facial skin silky and smooth, giving eyes that shine, a firm décolleté and soft skin. 

With Valmont we have the unique expertise of Swiss cellular cosmetics in our selection. 

Ericson Laboratoire Paris - medical wellness - are synonymous with effective, luxurious, science-based wellness. With highly effective formulations, active ingredients and a multi-therapy approach, they are the answer to the most challenging skin treatment needs, instantly producing noticeable, impressive results.



Pharmos Natur Green Luxury

Love your Age

The cell repair formula of these products, together with Hyaluron, neutralises free radicals with an immediate, clearly visible, long-lasting, rejuvenating effect.
1 h 20 min.
CHF 240
Aloe Destress

Skin cells are rejuvenated by herbal power and receive new elasticity and luminosity. Restless skin is balanced and the neurological system is calmed. Enjoy a moment of deep relaxation. 
50 min.
CHF 170
Aloe Bio Lift

The Aloe Vera leaf moisturises and lifts the skin like a natural bio-lift for beautiful facial skin. 
50 min.
CHF 160
Aloe Ritual Men

Moisturizing and energizing facial for him. Fresh and light ingredients and aloe vera nourish the skin, giving it more elasticity and power.
50 min.
CHF 160

Facial Treatments by Valmont

Energy Ritual

This special treatment really bolsters the skin, leaving it refreshed, smooth and moisturised, so that facial features are refined.
1 h
CHF 200
1 h 30 Min
CHF 270

Ericson Laboratoire Paris


The multi-vitamin cocktail of essential vitamins is an energy booster and revitalises tired, saggy skin. The combination of pure vitamin C, the amino acid taurine and the application via the high-frequency device Energetic T.Bar visibly firms and gives the skin a fresh, radiant complexion.
1 h 20 min.
CHF 240
Ultimate Lift

The intensive lifting treatment has a targeted effect on facial skin and visibly smoothes the facial wrinkles. Highly concentrated active ingredients, molecular hyaluronic acid and gentle micro needling give the skin structure more volume. The ultimate kick for a youthful look.
1 h 20 min
CHF 240
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